August 8, 2010

Synaptic Shotgun 8.8.10

Occasional, recurring short-form posts about 
the Washington Redskins, NFL and maybe even life. 
Almost like a—what do they call it—blog?

Have at thee.

ALBERT HAYNESWORTH - so the big man is on the field. I had seriously begun to think that the entire convoluted, fitness-test-"injury"-MRI-are-you-serious-melodrama was a charade presented for public consumption. Wan't sure who was orchestrating it, or if it was just Type A personality bullheadedness and money politics from all sides. But I was pretty close to deciding the man would never take the practice field wearing burgundy and gold again. Am I the only one (besides the old guys in ballcaps in the background) a little surprised at this picture?

RUSS GRIMM - from the ridiculous to the sublime: a Hog is the Hall of Fame. The league finally got it right. No one personified the Hogs and Gibbs glory years better. Grimm was a no-nonsense, blue-collar, bag of sledgehammers, true professional. Big Jake may have had better commercials ... but Russ Grimm wasand isThe Man.

(@ 1:35)

BRIAN ORAKPO - with the Shanahan/Allen regime change, departure of Vinny Cerrato, acquisition of Donovan McNabb, Haynesworth Embarrassment and 3,417 other lead stories surrounding this team since Jim Zorn left the building, it's been easy to forget that the Redskins may have drafted an NFL monster last year. The early returns11 sacks as a rookie learning a new position on a horrible football teamare the kind that could, if you let them, set visions of Lawrence Taylor dancing in your head. That's not fair to Orakpo or LT, of course, but it does open the door to a conversation worth having. We have seen nothing to date to indicate that Brian Orakpo could not turn out to be the next dominant defensive player in the NFL. If anything, we have seen the opposite.  It's enough to quicken the heart of anyone who bleeds burgundy.

GOT GAME? - it isn't often you get to put your money where your mouth is. Particularly when it doesn't actually cost you anything and could bring sweet rewards. Nothing brings out the inner Armchair Expert more than competitive football pools.  Think you know the NFL? Are you the guy talking smack Monday morning about how you just knew the Browns were going to upset the Chargers the night before? Prove it:

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