June 29, 2009

Wait—I have a blog?

Can't believe it's been two months since my last post.

To anyone who has noticed and not found that a pleasant development, my apologies. And to anyone who noticed and has found it a pleasant development, my apologies for now breaking the silence.

Anyway, it's not like I have missed anything earth-shattering since I gleefully rubbed my cyberhands together over day one the draft. I should probably have posted about the disappointment (if not surprise) of the Redskins then allowing the rest of the draft to pass by without even pretending to get serious about the offensive line ... but then, I've beaten that drum so often the entry might simply have read, "Ibid."

I did consider writing a piece getting out front of the OT Mike Williams story. In it, I would have declared that this behemoth may very well urn out to be the Redskins story of the year. About how I have this sneaking suspicion that come opening day Williams will not only be the starter, but, should he hold up over the course of the season, might just emerge as a Comeback Player of the Year candidate.

Of course, I probably would have couched those pronouncements in enough caveats, to protect myself against ridicule should he blow out a hammy the first day of camp and be relegated to the historical dustbin, to file down any actual teeth the piece might have had.

What can I say—I do that sometimes.

Add to that the unsurprising end of venerable OT Jon Jansen's Redskins career (which has, candidly, effectively been over for a couple of years), and the requisite annual contrived mini-dramas surrounding who did and did not show up for at OTA's, and what Clinton Portis has and has not said and how we said it, and the past two months worth of posts would have been about filling and killing time between the draft and training camp.

Those of you who check the Forum here may already have some idea as to what I have been doing with my internet time instead.

For those who have not and might be interested ... I have been devoting my time, with three partners you will soon meet, building a new Redskins site. What started out as a bit of a lark—building a better Forum for the blog—has evolved into something none of us could have possibly envisioned. Something I dare say those of you as burgundy and gold obsessed as we are may find absolutely … well … you’ll see.

So, while I really do regret the disappearing act, I'm equally hopeful that when we go live with the new site, perhaps as soon as the end of this week, you will understand.

See you soon. Promise.