March 26, 2010

The OT Russell Okung Files

Continuing our look at prospects considered the most likely to be selected by the Redskins with the fourth overall pick in next month's NFL Draft, today we turn out attention away from the glamorous, high-profile quarterback position to the blue-collar, concrete-and-steel position of offensive left tackle.

Below you will find biographical data, scouting reports, draft projections, rankings and videos on Oklahoma St. LT Russell Okung.

Those hearty enough to wade through to the end will find my quick take on the player himself and, on the premise that they will use and not trade their top pick, my thoughts on whether or not the Redskins will and/or should draft him.

Bon appetit.

Height: 6-5
Weight: 305
Born: 10/7/87
College: Oklahoma St.
High School: Hope (TX)


Russell Okung (born October 7, 1987 in Fort Bend, Texas) is an American football offensive tackle for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He is considered one of the best prospects available for the 2010 NFL Draft ...

March 18, 2010

PSA: When Servers Crash

If you've been looking for BGO or TN today (and really, who could blame you?) and getting a crocodilian Hostgator "whoops" page* instead, fear not. 

Yes, we've paid our bills.

No, you haven't been banned.  Probably.

Both sites will be back up and running as soon as HG finds the unplugged plug someone must have tripped over and ... you know, unplugged.

Meanwhile, all the dreaded "red X" images you see all over this silly blog are not evidence that the Mayans were right.  Just another day on the wild and woolly world wide webbian frontier.

Carry on.


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March 15, 2010

ISO: Redskins Offensive Line

It's March 15, 2010 ...

Do you know where your offensive line is?

Today marks the beginning of "voluntary" workouts at Redskins Park. At some point during this damp, overcast day, one suspects new Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan will turn his gaze upon the group of offensive linemen working out in the shiny new weightroom in Ashburn.

Assuming he gets the 100% turnout he envisions, this is who he will see:

Dockery, Derrick G 6-6 326 6th Season
Fanaika, Paul G 6-5 327 2nd Season
Hicks, Artis G 6-4 335 8th Season
Lichtensteiger, Kory G 6-3 295 2nd Season
Rabach, Casey C 6-4 295 8th Season
Rinehart, Chad G 6-5 310 3nd Season
Williams, Mike G/T 6-6 337 5th Season
Oldenburg, Clint OT 6-5 310 2nd Season
Robinson, William OT 6-6 297 2nd Season
Montgomery, Will G 6-3 305 4th Season
Williams, Edwin C 6-3 315 2nd Season

[Note: tackles Stephon Heyer (restricted) and Levi Jones (unrestricted) are listed on the Redskins roster page but remain unsigned free agents as of this writing.]

Don't panic fellow Redskins fan. At least not yet.

If you don't believe you see a starting NFL offensive line in among that list, you are not alone. You can bet Mike Shanahan doesn't see it either ... 

March 11, 2010

The Jimmy Clausen Files

There is no more relevant a subject in the Redskins universe today than the quarterback position. And no wonder.

Incumbent Jason Campbell has been tendered but is far from a lock to be the opening day starter. The Redskins head into 2010 with a new coaching staff and general manager, and possess the number four overall pick in April's NFL Draft. It comes as no surprise that speculation is at full boil as to whether or not they will use that pick to select a quarterback.

We previously looked at Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, who at the time was considered the odds-on favorite among mock draft gurus to become a Redskin. Since then, Bradford has risen up many of those draft boards and is now widely considered as the potential number one overall pick to St. Louis.

Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen has emerged as a candidate to take his place.

With six weeks to go before the draft, Clausen appears to be a distinct possibility to assume the title Washington Redskins Quarterback before the summer heat arrives. If you are a serious Redskins fan, you may have already scouted Clausen a bit. But if for whatever reason you have not, or not to your satisfaction ...

For your consideration and one-stop shopping convenience, here is a compendium of statistics, scouting reports videos and more to help you fill in the gaps. For those stout of heart enough to wade through the entire piece, my thoughts on Clausen are at the end.

Bon appetit...

March 10, 2010

Interpreting the Silence

Few would have bet that five days into free agency, the Washington Redskins would have signed just one player—a journeyman offensive guard.

No, if you had been forced to bet your own money, you would have bet that by sun-up on Day One, the Redskins would have landed a DE Julius Peppers, LB Karlos Dansby or LT Chad Clifton.  Maybe more than one.

And yet here we are.

As Day Six of the 2010 free agency period slides uneventfully by, the lead story in the Washington Redskins universe continues to be their silence. With the exception of signing unsexy OG Artis Hicks (nothing personal big man) to an average contract (3 years, $9 million), the Redskins have kept their hands firmly buried in deep pockets, watching other teams earn the headlines.

Predictably, the reaction among Redskins fans and media has covered the spectrum ...

March 5, 2010

Day One, 2010 Free Agency

And so it begins.

As of this writing (9:45 am 12 pm EST), the Washington Redskins have made no new signings ... thus making news by not making news, which, as those who have followed this team closely for the past few years can attest, is news.

Boots-on-the-ground guy extraordinaire John Pappas (Warpath Confidential) is in Ashburn covering all Redskins-related comings and goings, ins and outs, rumors and facts of day one as we launch into the 2010 NFL free agency period. 

Check out his reportage HERE.

The "all quiet on the signings front" so far doesn't mean there hasn't been movement, however. A quick, sincere nod of appreciation for the individual and combined efforts of the 10 most recent former Redskins:

Gone are backup quarterback Todd Collins, receiver Antwaan Randle El, guard Randy Thomas, kick returner Rock Cartwright, cornerback Fred Smoot, running back Ladell Betts and defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin. Their contracts were terminated.

Also exiting via waivers: Running back Marcus Mason, fullback Eddie Williams and defensive end J.D. Skolnitsky

Hail, and stay tuned.