March 15, 2010

ISO: Redskins Offensive Line

It's March 15, 2010 ...

Do you know where your offensive line is?

Today marks the beginning of "voluntary" workouts at Redskins Park. At some point during this damp, overcast day, one suspects new Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan will turn his gaze upon the group of offensive linemen working out in the shiny new weightroom in Ashburn.

Assuming he gets the 100% turnout he envisions, this is who he will see:

Dockery, Derrick G 6-6 326 6th Season
Fanaika, Paul G 6-5 327 2nd Season
Hicks, Artis G 6-4 335 8th Season
Lichtensteiger, Kory G 6-3 295 2nd Season
Rabach, Casey C 6-4 295 8th Season
Rinehart, Chad G 6-5 310 3nd Season
Williams, Mike G/T 6-6 337 5th Season
Oldenburg, Clint OT 6-5 310 2nd Season
Robinson, William OT 6-6 297 2nd Season
Montgomery, Will G 6-3 305 4th Season
Williams, Edwin C 6-3 315 2nd Season

[Note: tackles Stephon Heyer (restricted) and Levi Jones (unrestricted) are listed on the Redskins roster page but remain unsigned free agents as of this writing.]

Don't panic fellow Redskins fan. At least not yet.

If you don't believe you see a starting NFL offensive line in among that list, you are not alone. You can bet Mike Shanahan doesn't see it either ... 

Between now and opening day other names will join, and in some cases replace, the group currently pumping iron in Ashburn. And those names will come from one of three sources, 1) April's NFL Draft (Russell Okung fans say yeah), 2) free agency and, 3) training camp roster cut-downs.

[I am reminded by my good friend SkinsNatsFan that a fourth potential avenue for additional help is the trade market. He is, of course, correct.]

We will be taking a detailed look at Okung in the coming days (and depending how the draft boards play out at other offensive linemen coming out in the draft as well).  Training Camp cutdowns are impossible to predict. 

So today I find myself thinking--as are, one suspects, GM Bruce Allen, The Shanahans and the rest of the Redskins offensive coaches (not to mention Colt Brennan and any other quarterbacks who might be hanging around Redskins Park)--about who might be left on this years crop of free agent offensive linemen.

As of March 15, the list looks like this ...

Alleman, Andy OG UFA 6-4 310 3rd Season KC IND
Baas, David G RFA 6-4 330 5th Season SF TBD
Barnes, Khalif T RFA 6-5 325 5th Season OAK OAK
Barron, Alex T RFA 6-7 302 5th Season STL TBD
Boothe, Kevin G RFA 6-5 315 4th Season NYG TBD
Bridges, Jeremy G UFA 6-4 326 6th Season ARI ARI
Brown, Jammal T RFA 6-6 313 5th Season NO TBD
Bushrod, Jermon T RFA 6-5 315 3rd Season NO TBD
Butler, Rashad T RFA 6-4 308 4th Season HOU TBD
Chester, Chris G RFA 6-3 315 4th Season BAL TBD
Clabo, Tyson T RFA 6-6 331 4th Season ATL TBD
Clary, Jeromey T RFA 6-6 320 3rd Season SD TBD
Claxton, Ben C RFA 6-2 301 3rd Season ARI ARI
Clifton, Chad T UFA 6-5 320 10th Season GB GB
Cole, Nick G RFA 6-0 350 4th Season PHI TBD
Colledge, Daryn G RFA 6-4 308 4th Season GB TBD
Colon, Willie T RFA 6-3 315 4th Season PIT TBD
Cook, Damion T UFA 6-5 330 9th Season DET TBD
Cook, Ryan T RFA 6-6 328 4th Season MIN TBD
Dahl, Harvey G RFA 6-5 305 4th Season ATL TBD
Erickson, Mitch G Released 6-6 290 Rookie DEN TBD
Evans, Jahri G RFA 6-4 318 4th Season NO TBD
Federkeil, Daniel T RFA 6-6 290 4th Season IND TBD
Forney, Kynan G UFA 6-3 302 9th Season JAC TBD
Fraley, Hank G Released 6-3 310 10th Season CLE STL
Frye, Brandon OT RFA 6-4 305 3rd Season SEA TBD
Gaither, Jared T RFA 6-9 340 3rd Season BAL TBD
Gandy, Dylan G RFA 6-3 295 4th Season DET TBD
Gandy, Mike T UFA 6-4 316 9th Season ARI TBD
Ghiaciuc, Eric C RFA 6-4 303 5th Season SD TBD
Gorin, Brandon T UFA 6-6 308 8th Season DEN TBD
Green, Cornell T UFA 6-6 315 11th Season OAK BUF
Hadnot, Rex G UFA 6-2 320 6th Season CLE ARI
Hamilton, Ben G UFA 6-4 290 9th Season DEN TBD
Heyer, Stephon OT RFA 6-6 330 3rd Season WAS TBD
Hicks, Artis G UFA 6-4 335 8th Season MIN WAS
Hochstein, Russ G UFA 6-4 305 9th Season DEN DEN
Holland, Montrae G UFA 6-2 326 7th Season DAL TBD
Hunter, Wayne T RFA 6-5 303 6th Season NYJ TBD
Incognito, Richie G RFA 6-3 324 5th Season BUF TBD
Jansen, Jon T UFA 6-6 305 11th Season DET DET
Jean-Gilles, Max G RFA 6-3 358 4th Season PHI TBD
Johnson, Charlie T RFA 6-4 305 4th Season IND TBD
Jones, Levi T UFA 6-5 307 8th Season WAS TBD
Kuper, Chris G RFA 6-4 303 4th Season DEN TBD
Leckey, Nick C UFA 6-3 291 6th Season NO NO
Lilja, Ryan G Released 6-2 290 6th Season IND TBD
Loper, Daniel G RFA 6-6 320 5th Season DET TBD
Lutui, Deuce G RFA 6-4 338 4th Season ARI TBD
Mankins, Logan G RFA 6-4 310 5th Season NE TBD
Mathis, Evan G RFA 6-5 295 5th Season CIN TBD
Mawae, Kevin C UFA 6-4 289 16th Season TEN TBD
McIntosh, Damion T UFA 6-4 320 10th Season SEA TBD
McKinney, Seth G UFA 6-3 310 8th Season BUF TBD
McNeill, Marcus T RFA 6-7 336 4th Season SD TBD
McQuistan, Pat T RFA 6-6 317 4th Season DAL TBD
Moll, Tony G RFA 6-5 311 4th Season BAL TBD
Montgomery, Will G RFA 6-3 305 3rd Season WAS WAS
Morris, Chris G RFA 6-4 305 4th Season OAK TBD
Ndukwe, Ike T RFA 6-4 325 3rd Season KC TBD
Neal, Stephen G UFA 6-4 305 8th Season NE NE
Niswanger, Rudy C RFA 6-5 301 4th Season KC TBD
Norman, Dennis T UFA 6-5 313 9th Season SD TBD
O'Callaghan, Ryan OT RFA 6-7 330 4th Season KC TBD
Ojinnaka, Quinn G RFA 6-5 299 4th Season ATL TBD
Pace, Orlando T Released 6-7 325 13th Season CHI TBD
Pashos, Tony T UFA 6-6 326 7th Season SF CLE
Penn, Donald T RFA 6-5 305 4th Season TB TBD
Petitti, Rob T RFA 6-6 327 5th Season CAR TBD
Pitts, Chester G UFA 6-4 308 8th Season HOU TBD
Preston, Duke C RFA 6-5 311 5th Season DAL TBD
Procter, Cory C RFA 6-4 311 5th Season DAL TBD
Rabach, Casey C UFA 6-4 295 9th Season WAS WAS
Ramirez, Manny G RFA 6-3 326 3rd Season DET TBD
Reed, Tyler G Released 6-5 305 2nd Season CHI TBD
Reyes, Tutan G UFA 6-3 310 10th Season HOU TBD
Runyan, Jon T UFA 6-7 330 14th Season SD TBD
Ryan, Greg C RFA 6-4 295 Rookie BAL TBD
Salaam, Ephraim T UFA 6-7 310 12th Season HOU TBD
Saucedo, Lou T RFA 6-5 330 Rookie BAL TBD
Scott, Jonathan OT RFA 6-6 318 3rd Season BUF PIT
Sendlein, Lyle C RFA 6-3 305 3rd Season ARI TBD
Setterstrom, Mark G RFA 6-4 318 4th Season STL TBD
Simmons, Kendall G UFA 6-3 315 8th Season BUF TBD
Sims, Barry T UFA 6-5 300 11th Season SF TBD
Sims, Rob G RFA 6-3 312 4th Season SEA TBD
Smith, Wade G UFA 6-4 296 7th Season KC HOU
Spencer, Chris C RFA 6-3 312 5th Season SEA TBD
Spitz, Jason C RFA 6-3 307 4th Season GB TBD
Stapleton, Darnell G RFA 6-3 305 3rd Season PIT TBD
Strief, Zach T RFA 6-7 320 4th Season NO TBD
Tauscher, Mark T UFA 6-3 316 10th Season GB GB
Terry, Adam T RFA 6-8 335 5th Season BAL IND
Thomas, Randy G Released 6-5 308 11th Season WAS TBD
Thomas, Tra T Released 6-7 316 12th Season JAC TBD
Toudouze, Michael OT RFA 6-6 303 2nd Season IND TBD
Trueblood, Jeremy T RFA 6-8 320 4th Season TB TBD
Tucker, Ryan G UFA 6-6 315 13th Season CLE TBD
Vincent, Keydrick G UFA 6-5 325 9th Season CAR TBD
Wade, John C UFA 6-5 300 12th Season OAK TBD
Walker, Langston G UFA 6-8 366 8th Season OAK TBD
Whimper, Guy T RFA 6-5 302 4th Season NYG TBD
White, Chris G RFA 6-2 290 5th Season HOU TBD
Wiegmann, Casey C Released 6-2 285 14th Season DEN KC
Williams, Bobbie G UFA 6-4 345 10th Season CIN TBD
Williams, Mike G UFA 6-7 337 6th Season WAS WAS
Yanda, Marshal T RFA 6-3 313 3rd Season BAL TBD
Yates, Billy G UFA 6-2 305 6th Season CLE TBD

Many of you will have your own ratings from the above list ... for those who do not and might be interested, here is how ProFootballScout has this years crop rated:

Offensive Tackles
Offensive Guards

If you count yourself among those Redskins fans who are, shall we say, cognizant of the Redskins tenuous offensive line situation, depending on your general disposition the list above can serve as either Angst Generator or Security Blanket.  Personally, I draw comfort ... but then, I'm generally a pretty optimistic kind of guy. 

Regardless, whether you consider yourself an optimist, pessimist or something in the vast gray area in between, here are the key dates to keep in mind:

April 22-24: Draft, New York
April 15: Deadline for signing of offer sheets by restricted free agents.
April 21: Deadline for old club to exercise right of first refusal to restricted free agents.
June 1: Deadline for old clubs to send tender to unsigned unrestricted free agents to receive exclusive negotiating rights for rest of season if player is not signed by another club by July 22.
June 1: Deadline for old clubs to send tender to unsigned restricted free agents or to extend qualifying offer to retain exclusive negotiating rights.
June 15: Deadline for old clubs to withdraw original qualifying offer to unsigned restricted free agents and still retain exclusive negotiating rights by substituting tender of 110 percent of previous year's salary.
Mid-July: Training camps open
July 22: Signing period ends at 4 p.m. for unrestricted free agents who received June 1 tender.
Aug. 31: Roster cutdown to maximum of 75 players.
Sept. 4: roster cutdown to maximum of 53 players

38 days until the draft. 173 until final cutdowns. 

There is still time to get it done.

Until then, please remember to breath.

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