March 18, 2010

PSA: When Servers Crash

If you've been looking for BGO or TN today (and really, who could blame you?) and getting a crocodilian Hostgator "whoops" page* instead, fear not. 

Yes, we've paid our bills.

No, you haven't been banned.  Probably.

Both sites will be back up and running as soon as HG finds the unplugged plug someone must have tripped over and ... you know, unplugged.

Meanwhile, all the dreaded "red X" images you see all over this silly blog are not evidence that the Mayans were right.  Just another day on the wild and woolly world wide webbian frontier.

Carry on.


* Update 3:55 pm EST - Whoops has been replaced by Under Maintenance. Rebirth may be nigh.

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