August 30, 2010

Redskins Key Stats Tracker (Preseason Game 3)

Welcome to preseason installment three of the 2010 Washington Redskins' Key Stats Tracker, a weekly feature focusing on three specific statistical categories—turnover differential, third-down-efficiency and red-zone-efficiency—plus any specific observations/anomalies that stand out from any given game.

This week we look at the Redskins' 16-11 road win over head coach Rex Ryan's big bad (just ask them) New York Jets last Friday night.

And yes, I will let it go now.

Key Stats Tracker

Quick Notes:

● W/L record of team that forces more turnovers: 3-0.

● The Redskins defensive 3rd down efficiency coming into this one was an impressive 2-20 (10%), with complete-game one-hitters against both Buffalo and Baltimore.

This weeks' 5-13 (38%) is a little more to the norm, but it is worth noting that in the first half, with "starters playing against starters," the Jets offense converted only 1 of 6 (17%) third down opportunities.

It is also worth noting that in the second half, the Jets' first-team offense converted on 3-of-4 (75%) against the Redskin second team defense. Which is, you know, big and bad.

Okay now I'll let it go.

● Field goal kicker Graham Gano quietly went 3-3 on the evening, including efforts from 41 and 42 yards with the game still in question. Surprisingly, does not show field goal highlights unless:

1) they are at the end of a game,
2) the ball hits an upright,
3) the kick comes up short and some dude takes it 108 yards the other way,
4) it's a fake,
5) the kicker gets mangled, blown up or otherwise mutilated,
6) a fan jumps out of the stands to try to catch the ball, or
7) the guy in the control room is asleep at the switch.
... but if memory serves, both of the longer kicks were straight, true and plenty long. Which I bring up only because it makes envisioning a last-second 47-yard attempt to beat the Dallas Cowboy in the season opener just a little less scary than last week.

May the forced turnover be with you.



Redskins: 4
Opponent: 1


Redskins: 8
Opponent: 5


Offense: 5-14 (35%)
Defense: 5-13 (38%)


Offense: 21-46 (46%)
Defense: 7-33 (21%)


Redskins: 1-4 (25%)
Opponent: 1-2 (50%)


Redskins: 5-11 (45%)
Opponent: 3-7 (43%)

Bonus:  this one is my own pet peeve and will be tracked, relentlessly and with ever-increasing angst, until it is broken. As of this writing the last Redskins' defensive touchdown came in October 2007, when the Redskins beat the Arizona Cardinals 21-19 at FedEx Field and linebacker London Fletcher picked off Kurt Warner, taking it to the house in the second quarter to give the Redskins a 14-0 lead. At least it was epic--be sure to check out his flying leap into the end zone.

For those scoring at home, that was 55 games ago (43 regular season, 11 preseason, 1 playoff).





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