August 28, 2010

Redskins Beat Big Bad (just ask them) Jets

You know, I have to say this. It's preseason. It's meaningless in almost every regard. But sometimes you just really want your team to beat someone else.

Last night was one of those nights.

The New York Jets are doing everything they can these days to call attention to themselves and assume the role of AFC East schoolyard bully. Thing about bullies is, they better be able to back it up.

New York Lite got on a nice run after squeaking into last year's playoffs with a 9-7 record, and apparently the attention got good to them because they haven't stopped talking since.

Rex Ryan, their corpulent head coach, may well turn out to be a great. But he may also turn out to be just another front-running loudmouth. Most people I respect don't start acting like the former until they are well on their way to disproving the latter.

Not so with Rex--he's cashing in "look at me" chips like pocket change.

Fair enough, that's his choice. But to me he's setting himself, and the Jets, up for epic ridicule if they turn out to be just another team. Which through three weeks of meaningless-but-satisfying preseason football is pretty much what they look like.

But enough about that. On to the game.

Stream-of-Consciousness Recap

Here we go again.

What follow are real-time notes and observations made during last night's preseason tilt between the Reskins and Rex Ryan's big bad (just ask them) New York Jets. It has been edited only for grammar, punctuation and clarity.

August 27, 6:55 pm EST

- So, Rex Grossman is the Redskins starting QB tonight. If you'd have told me that this time last year I'd have asked you to pass the doob. Do they still call it that?

- I refuse to let JT (Joe Theismann) get under my skin (Skins?) tonight...

- First look at the new stadium...not much of a crowd at kickoff...where's the Jets buzz?

1st Skins possession

- first pass by Grossman a 3-step drop--KS (Kyle Shanahan) not going to let jets tee off early.

- Moss! Big first down conversion to get things started.  Have Skins gone 3 and out yet on first possessions?

- two straight runs into a wall--no movement at all.

- first obvious passing down...Skins pick up rush perfectly...Grossman/Galloway not on same page. Can't tell if bad pass or route.

1st Jets poss.

- D starting slow again...soft on the edges. Rocky (McIntosh) abused on 2nd run?

- even the bad runs are gaining 5 yards. Edge still soft.

- first 3rd and long...good D. DH (DeAngelo Hall) half a step from a pick six.

3-0, Jets

- I don't want to hear JT talk about AH's (Albert Haynesworth) package. I just don't.

- kickoff returns...two so change from past several years...we return straight up the middle and find a pile to run into. Grr.

2nd Skins poss

- passing game with Rex off by just a touch.

- Zero running game, second straight week. Jets overplaying? Nice conversion to AA (Anthony Armstrong). He's on the team--have I mentioned that?

- Grossman to Cooley. Rex G is no Peyton Manning but he ain't all bad either. Good decisiveness there.

- Rex G throws horrible pass as soon as I write that---totally telegraphed, leads to INT. Sigh. Lucky break on penalty negates it--penalty had no affect on the play. Come on Rex.

- OL pass blocking beautiful so far--big bad (just ask them) Jets can't get there.

- 3 yard gain on run...all to the left so far (thanks JT). KS wanting to see that TW (Trent Williams) has over there.

 - run to right gains zip. Sigh.

- WEAK play on 3rd down. Grossman should never throw off his back foot--that's some ugly ish. Chip shot FG better be good.

Tied, 3-3

Liking the kick coverage, however.

2nd Jets poss

- run defense getting abused...LB Rocky?

- preseason or not, little bit worried about the run defense...not even close to stopping anybody.


Credit where it's due...Redskins w/o their franchise QB playing the big bad (just ask them) Jets, on the road, in front of HBO and the whole world, even. Can't stop the run, but Jets can't pass. Skins must be pretty good if hangin' with them...right?

- 1st 3rd and long D of the nigh...bad pass by Sanchez under decent pressure. Take it.

3rd Skins poss

- Grossman/Moss not on the same page on deep ball...barely the same book.

- still nowhere to go on run...if you didn't know better you'd think the Jets knew where we were running...whole forests of green.

- waste of a sweet blitz pickup by throwing short underneath on 3rd and long...loving pass protection, not crazy about route choices.

- offense has no rhythm yet tonight...of course, they ARE facing the big bad (just ask them) Jets.

3rd Jets poss

- woot! finally a holding call made on BO (Brian Orakpo)...need better initials for Rak in future.

- Rak down the line to stuff is good.

- solid D on 3rd and long...strong series...looks like Haslett and Co dialed it up.

- Banks fumble on punt return...that's going to cost him the roster spot.

- chance for D to rise up?

- HALL picks off Sanchez...I jump up and spill popcorn. LOVE turnovers when they go the right way.

- Banks pays homage to Hall on the that too.

4th Skins poss

- Galloway looking solid tonight...good separation.

- little bit of running room now...KS scheming a bit, moving it around.

- Grossman telegraphs again.

- TW in scrum...rook not taking any shit. Which reminds me...the whole team is standing right in against the big bad (just ask them) Jets. 

- Gano 42-yarder, now 2-2. Nice.

6-3, Skins

4th Jets poss

 - damn, LT's (LaDanian Tomlinson) still got it...that's just fun to watch.

- no presnap movement now...Haslett maybe dialing it back again...good downfield coverage, nowhere for QB to go.

- SACK...Chris Wilson...dude may beat out Andre Carter before this is over.

- early sign in all three preseason games? Haslet makes pretty good in-game adjustments.

Skins 2 minute drill

- running game struggles...definitely telegraphing.

- and (effing) disaster on a shotgun against. Turnovers lose games. Hard shotgun snap but that's 100% on Rex--hit him in the hands...makes right decision kicking it out of EZ for 2 to save TD, but entire first half of work down the drain if Jets take kick and drive for CANNOT beat yourself.

- note on KS: he'll call anything from anywhere....exciting but high-wire act.

6-5, Skins

- Bidwell's punt just average--good coversage Chris's balling.

- Defense has chance to made stand...get beat but CREATE turnover...rookie Riley with epic body control on recovery. Wow...two turnovers by O matched by D.

- Moss drops another deep one? Need your number one to catch the damn ball.

- One thing about the passing game--we're getting rid of it to beat the blitz but not connecting.

- deep ball to AA...INT? No, good's football for chrissakes.

- Rex sack/fumble...there's a reason man's a backup in Washington now...protect the damn football! Lucky break on iffy call by refs, Jammal Brown "down by contact"...should have been a turnover though. Rex showing he's good enough to break your heart.

- Chris Wilson again, solo tackle on LT. Man making strong case tonight.

- 62 yd FG short...disaster averted.

Halftime Thoughts

The Redskins are going to be okay. Would not have been surprised to see "old Skins" from last few years show up tonight and lay major egg. Instead looking as good as they get from big bad (you know) Jets. Been nice to see McNabb...

3rd Qtr.

- AA with coverage tackle...if he can play teams too, he's good to go.

Jets offense

- PB (Phillip Buchanon) isnt a game-changer but he's a pro.

- Jets first team O vs Skins second team D?...this could be interesting.

- nice stop...VH (Vonnie Holliday) looks like solid rotation guy.

Skins offense

- John Beck idea what to expect.

- nice job on 2 short throws for 1st down...good composure.

- Loving KS's continuing to take shots downfield...OL providing time, QB and WR just need to get dialed in. Going to force defenses to play honest. About time.

- another run for too little...thinking longest run of night maybe 5-6 yards?

- nice open field running by Austin on 3rd and 8...are these Jets D starters as well?

- Jason Taylor sighting...that's one guy I don't miss.

- nice short conversion on 3rd and 2 from Beck...kid's not that bad.

- little room on run all of a sudden too.

- shot of glowering, intense MS (Mike Shanahan) on sidelines...flashback to "wtf?" look on Zorn.

- Gano 41 yds, 3 for 3...13 plays, 75 yds, 6:18 TOP.

- someone should probably remind big bad (just ask them) Jets they're big and bad.

9-5, Skins (top of the 7th)

Jets offense

- starting to run over the edges again.

- wait is that STILL their starting offense? That's not big or bad.

- AH brings some pass pressure, gets after Sanchez.

- Golston drives Sanches into turf...bummer, Rex.

- Redskin backup D showing a little fire.

- know which of these is the better team tonight? The one that hasn't spent its days preening.

- Chris Wilson makes Sanchez' life flash before his eyes...better get him out, Rex.

- welcome to Washington TC (Tyrone Carter)...sweet open field tackle on LT.

- big 3rd and...Riley has play in hand but gets dragged 4 yards to give up 1st...that hurt.

- Jets on Skins 10...chance to make a stand...not. Crappy tackling on TE over middle...TD.

- missed extra point is karma, Rex, you big lummox. It's preseason--get your [expletive deleted] starters out.

11-9, Jets

Skins offense

- could get ugly now...Skins backed up, Bartel could make killer mistake.

- 3rd and least Jets can feel big and bad again.

- punt return team gets beat wide...come on guys, finish this off right. Skins have been better team all night, need to finish proud and leave good taste in everyone's mouth.

- whoa...Mark Brunnell...weird.

- LC (Laveranues Coles)? In the fourth qtr? Weirder.

Skins offense

- Beck back to say battle for 3rd QB is over.

- Jets doing the same over-the-top act Ravens did last nice to beat the damn blitz with a 95-yard slant.

- quick out to Banks, who is one step from breaking it...nice first down...nice call.

- KS still dialing up deep the of these weeks we're going to hit one.

- chance to get ball back with 5 plus mins left, but epic fail on 3rd and 3...simple off tackle draw gets easy first down. Boo.

- Rob Jackson makes sweet containment play on reverse...reverse? Come on Rex.

- Wilson gets flagged for unnecessary roughness...screw it, at this point I'm cool with the aggressiveness.

- one more turnover--a gift from the big bad Jets...chance to go win the "game." Would seriously love to see that.

- oh...Bartel in...we'll see.

- we have a TE with a pony

- nice deep out to Banks.

- LJ (Larry Johnson) breaks around right end. Don't score too fast now (lol).

- a Selvish Capers sighting!

- Bartel to Johnson for the SCORE...not a battery you expect to hear. Nice effort from LJ.

16-11, Skins

- I think I like KS. I think I'd love to see Rotund Rex face the NY media tomorrow.

- one more defensive stand and we're dancin'...preseason style.

- Down goes Brunnel! Down goes Brunnel! Turnovers lose, and win, games.

- too much time left to to see them attack.

- ok, solid clock down to 8 secs...I think Gano needs work...heh.

- at midfield...biggest smile I've seen on Shanny since he got the job.

Washington Redskins 16
Big Bad (just ask them) NY Jets 11

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