August 27, 2010

Synaptic Shotgun 8.27.10 - Gameday

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Redskins vs NY Jets - August 27, 7 pm EST

● According to Mike Shanahan the Redskins will be gameplanning tonight's game against the Jets. A little, anyway. So far against Buffalo and Baltimore all we have really seen from the Redskins is situation-specific play calling, set against a backdrop of "getting looks" at certain players in certain situations. This will mark the first time we get even a taste of Kyle Shanahan's playcalling rhythm and style. Same with Jim Haslett.

Consider my preseason curiousity moderately aroused.

● The flip side of that is that Rex Ryan's mouthy New York Jets are sure to want to put on a show of their own for the home folks and slobbering local media. They will be "gameplanning" as well, and the prediction here is that they will have taken that aspect of tonight's affair far more seriously than Washington. Remember the Ravens' "they did what?" fake punt last week? That may pale in comparison to what the Redskins see tonight.

If for some odd reason you have actual money on the Redskins in this one, start taking your Pepto and Advil now.

● Three men who should be particularly cognizant of the above are Redskins quarterbacks Rex Grossman, John Beck and Richard Bartel. Keep your heads on the proverbial swivel, gentlemen. The big bad (just ask them) Jets are coming after you...there are Sportscenter highlights to be had after all.

Wish List Lite

● The Redskins need to not get caught up in the woofing and hype. Show professionalism and discipline.

● At least a couple of sparkling schematic moments—some "nice!" individual play calls from Kyle Shanahan; a well-scripted and executed drive; a couple of Haslett-designed blitzes springing someone in clean on Mark Sanchez and company. Not a lot. Just a taste.

● One or two bubble or concern players flashing (as it were) enough to make tomorrow morning's discussion of this affair bearable. Anthony Armstrong, maybe. Brandon Banks. Andre Carter. Graham Gano?

● No injuries.

Sam Bradford

I haven't had the chance to watch him in real time yet, but if first impressions from extended highlights mean anything, the woebegone St. Louis Rams may have hit the lottery. Even fresh out of the rookie gate, the game is not moving too fast for Bradford. He looks poised, quick in his decision-making and release, and most impressively, dead-on-balls accurate.

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But sometimes it's merited. This kid is one to watch.

It Figures

Steven Strasburg needs Tommy John surgery. The baseball gods hate Washington. Truth? Washington doesn't think much of those sadistic bastards either.

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