August 13, 2010

Synaptic Shotgun 8.13.10 - GAME DAY

It has been 222 days since the Washington Redskins last left the field wearing full battle gear. Life has gone on, yes (just ask the people living along the Gulf Coast), but for fans of this magnificent game it has been a long trek through the wilderness.

Fundamental organizational changes only feed the beast so much. It's time for oversized men with barely-controlled mayhem in mind wearing state-of-the-art armor to start slamming into one another for our entertainment again.

And away we go ...

DONOVAN McNABB - is going to play quarterback for the Washington Redskins tonight. Truth? I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the concept. Hopefully visual confirmation will help.

MIKE SHANAHAN - is going to make weird faces on the sidelines wearing a Redskins shirt tonight.


ALBERT HAYNESWORTH - when he puts his hand on the ground tonight, Big Al will have the most-watched backside not wearing hot pants at FedExField. Will he dog it out there, making his coaches and team look bad all over again, or be a soldier and play hard (as much as any NFL vet does in the first preseason game)? Will he interact comfortably with his teammates on the sidelines or stand apart and glower? If he makes a play, will the same crowd that has crushed him all offseason stand and cheer? Hate that this is still a story, but it is.

JIM HASLETT - the audition starts tonight. Oh, he already has the job and all. It's not that. I'm talking about auditioning to become the defensive coordinating superstar I still have nagging doubts he will become here.  I know Jim has lost a fair amount of sleep over the past few months worrying about my opinion. I just hope things go well enough to let him start resting up for Dallas.

GAME RESULTS - seriously, how cool is this? Yeah they're just preseason "games," but still. Eight months between final scores is just too (bleeding) long.

Note: it's time once again to try to track down the perfect Blogger side-column scoreboard widget. There are surprisingly few I've found with the right combination of dimension, looks and features. If anyone runs across a tasty candidate no more than 200 pixels wide (height isn't an issue) please lemme know. Shukran.

JASON CAMPBELL - didn't get to see Jason's Raiders debut against Dallas last night. Then again, based on the box score ... maybe I already have. Sorry Jason, you know I love ya, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

By the way, does exacting even the tiniest measure of schadenfreude from a Cowboys loss in preseason, in a game where Tony Romo apparently got sacked, like, a bunch, make me a lesser person?

I'm willing to take the risk.

GAME DAY - it's finally here. Bring it.

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Brooding Burgundy said...

also seeking the Holy Grail Widget. if found, please share.