February 1, 2010

Peppers to Redskins? Must. Not. Think. It.

The Daily Redskin 2.1.10

I couldn’t help it. The first thing that flashed across my mind when I read that stud DE Julius Peppers is likely leaving Carolina ...

“Damn he’d look good in a Redskins uniform.”

Bet I’m not the only one.

The retorts/questions immediately followed of course:

● You serious? Does “offseason champs” ring a bell?
● Dude, you build through the draft.
● I don't care if it is an uncapped year–we'd pay too much.
● He’s 30, an 8-year vet. If Carolina’s willing to let him go he must be washed up.
● Why can’t we find our own Julius Peppers for once? (then again, maybe we did)

So yeah ... probably not a smart move. Defensive End and/or Outside Linebacker (hey we're going 3-4, right?) aren't priorities–not for Big Free Agent Dollars anyway. We need offensive linemen; a corner, a running back ... hell, a quarterback.

Plus he’s, like, old.

And it totally smacks of, well ...

But the mental image is there.

Peppers. Haynesworth. Orakpo. Carter ...

Damn it.


Rich Tandler said...

And keep in mind that it would be "Big Free Agent Dollars" for Peppers. It would be "Massive, Huge, Monumental Free Agent Dollars". And the cap is likely to come back in 2011.

Rich Tandler said...

But, I have to say, from following the Redskins for so long the thought just HAS to cross your mind.

Unknown said...

I would think that if the cap came back there would be exceptions or cap relief clauses for players signed during the uncapped year. If this is the case, why not? Let Snyder pay as much as he wants. Peppers always wanted to play in a 3-4. Maybe we could even get a decent draft pick for Carter.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

Rich, agreed on all counts. Sounds like the prime reason Carolina and Peppers might part in the first place is that Peppers wants to the highest paid defensive player in the league. That's simply not a guy who is going to "come cheap."

Worst part is (and the reason I had to cleanse myself with the post) I knew that even when I had the "damn he'd look good in B&G" first reaction, and STILL had the thought.

Pavlov was smart.

Sebastian, it's true the uncapped year *could* mitigate some of the long-term $$$ ramifications of bringing a guy like Peppers in, but he'd still command serious cash money. If nothing else that raises other potential red flag issues: locker room chemistry, yet another older player having gotten paid and losing his edge, the inevitable "here we go again" feeling both inside the Park and out ...

All kidding aside about Pavlovian fan reaction, here's sincerely hoping the team has finally adopted Just Say No.