February 12, 2010

Analysis of Shanahan's Draft Tendencies in Denver

The Daily Redskin 2.12.10

If you are a Washington Redskins fan in the mood for a little meat on them pre-draft analysis bones, help yourself to some tasty Mike Shanahan draft history and number-crunching from Aston Gambino's always-satisfying (if too infrequent!) blog, Are You Not Entertained?

Perhaps the most compelling question, if not the most important, is what will new head coach Mike Shanahan do on draft day?

... In an effort to get a gauge on Shanahan's positional draft tendencies, I analyzed all 111 draft picks he made during his tenure with the Denver Broncos between 1995 and 2008, breaking each pick down by position to see if anything popped out. Hardly an exact science, but it'll have to do until those tarot cards finally show up.

First, let's look at the raw totals by position. And uh, Carlos? You might want to 'pay attention' to this

Apparently, if you can run fast, you're Shanahan's guy! In terms of quantity, you can clearly see his tendency to draft DBs, WRs and RBs more than any other position.

In terms of the positions we're interested in (QB and OT), neither were particularly popular. In 13 drafts, only six QBs and five OTs were drafted by Shanahan. Not really the compelling statistical argument I was looking for.

Ah, but what about where they were drafted? After all, quality matters more than quantity in this case, especially when talking about the first pick. Curious to see how Shanahan valued certain positions, I assigned each of those draft picks their appropriate point total from Jimmy's Johnson's dreaded Draft Day Chart.

And that exercise proved to be much more interesting

Gambino goes on to make interesting observations on what position on the field Shanahan places the most value on, his draft history at that position, and wraps it up with a complete projected Redskins mock draft for 2010.

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And no worries ... in the East it is considered good form to burp after a satisfying meal.

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