February 12, 2010

Dulles Hangar Collapse and Redskins One: The Final Word

Well, at least something good came out of this.

I got definitive word last night that no aircraft owned by Dan Snyder or the Washington Redskins--Redskins One or otherwise--was damaged in the hangar collapse. Which at this point is not unlike finding out from good authority that seawater is salty, but still ... it's nice to know.

The internet, bless its fiberoptic noospheric heart, remains a wild and woolly frontier. Bloggers and citizens alike should tread it with care.

If you should happen to see Redskins One mentioned again in this space, rest assured it will be in context of whatever coveted NFL butt is sitting in it winging its way toward Redskins Park.

Hail and thanks for playing.


No Redskins aircraft was damaged in the making of this blog series.

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