February 11, 2010

Dulles Hangar Collapse Update: No News Is Good News

The Daily Redskin 2.11.10

Good news, that is, if you are not one of the many people I've heard from who for a variety of reasons liked the idea of Dan Snyder's plane being grounded.  You people kill me.

Best I've been able to put together, four airplanes were damaged in the FEB 6 Dulles hangar collapse ... but none of them was Redskins One.

The aircraft in the incident photos below with burgundy and gold stripes may have been mistakenly identified as one of three airplanes Dan Snyder and/or the Redskins reportedly have ownership interest in that hangar at Dulles International Airport.

The damaged aircraft's tail number however, N89MX, checks out through the FAA Registry as owned by 821 393 LLC, of McLean VA ... and for which I have been unable to find any tie to Snyder or the Redskins.  I will leave it to someone more motivated than I to follow that particular breadcrumb through to the bitter end if they choose.

So, in all fairness to the unofficial pilot grapevine, and since there was an air of confidence about the report of Redskins One having being damaged, I will leave open the possibility there could be further news. Until and unless confirmable evidence comes to light to that effect, however, it appears this little sidestory is a reminder of why there are accepted standards for news reports--multiple, credible, confirmed sources--versus none for the dissemination of rumors and speculation from bloggers posting based upon even the most respected of grapevines.

In this case that's a good thing, by the way. I know I want my pilots focusing their considerable capacities on their paid gigs.  And as to this humble blog, from here on out we will leave the story-sleuthing and headline-breaking to the highly-paid, skilled professionals (and reporters) who make pursuing and exposing them their life's work.

Man. The NFL Draft can't come soon enough.

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