January 29, 2010

The Official Celebrity Redskins Fan Roster

This stuff matters you know.

I mean, it must. Threads about this topic pop up periodically around the Redskins community, and they always seem to generate interest. 

What I have noticed is they also have a tendency to reinvent the wheel every time. Seems to me it’s high time someone compiled and committed to maintaining the official record.

What the [hell]. I'll do it.

Rather than spending weeks tracking down names and links to try to offer a definitive list up front, however, I figure a nod to sanity calls for me to start with what is readily at hand from the linkage and research already done in the above links, and take it from there. 

I am still working my way through all the hundreds of replies in those threads, so this is definitely a work in progress. I am sadly but one man, however ... so please consider this an official invitation/request from your friendly neighborhood Redskins blog to keep an eye out for and forward along names of “celebrities” (an admittedly subjective term) you know or hear about loyal to the burgundy and gold.

Whenever possible, please provide links to credible sources (also a subjective term, but work with me) that allows us to put an individual in the “confirmed” column in good conscience.

Pictures of celebs sporting burgundy and gold or otherwise showing their allegiance would be nice to have as well. It might be fun to have the ultimate Official Celebrity Redskins Fan Photo Gallery to dip into when occasion calls.

So that’s it. The gauntlet’s been thrown down, Redskins fans.

Got celebrities?

Comment below or hit me at om.steven@gmail.com



David Aldridge – sports reporter
Darrell Armstrong – pro basketball
Nicklas Backstrom – pro hockey
Craig Biggio – pro baseball
Lewis Black – comic, actor
Wolf Blitzer - TV news
James Brown - sportscaster
Charlie Gibson – TV news anchor
Tom Cruise – actor, eccentric
Kevin Durant – NBA player
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – NASCAR
Molly Henneberg – TV news
Britt Hume – TV news
Jimmy Kleinsasser – pro football
Nils Lofgren - musician
Matthew McConaughey – actor
Mark McKinney – actor
Chris Meloni - actor
Alonzo Mourning – pro basketball
Bill Nye - science guy
Alexander Ovechkin – pro hockey
Leslie Stahl – TV news
Scott Van Pelt – sportscaster
Wale - musician
Chris Wallace – TV news


Sean Astin – actor
Sandra Bullock – actress
Tommy Davidson – comedian, actor
Kevin Garnett – pro basketball
Jermaine Jackson – musician
Tito Jackson – musician
Reed Johnson – pro baseball
Larry King – news curmudgeon
Tedd Koppel – TV news
John Kruk – pro baseball
Byron Leftwich – pro football
Tim Legler – pro basketball, TV
Sugar Ray Leonard – pro boxer, legend
Richard Petty – The King
Ryan Pinkston – actor
Manny Ramirez – pro baseball
Jerry Stackhouse – pro basketball
Ben Stein – Bueller?
Wanda Sykes – writer, actor
Paul Tagliabue – former NFL Commissioner
Damon Wayans – actor
Keenan Ivory Wayans – actor

Photos / Videos

Alexander Ovechkin

Nicklas Backstrom

Leslie Stahl



Lizkauai said...


Mark "Om" Steven said...

D'oh! I hang my head in shame, Liz. Oversight corrected.

PS. thanks for the many heads ups, good people. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Forgettin about the Wizard behind the Curtain.. Mr. Roger Goodell!!!

51st State said...

Dont forget other Skins fans...

Kevin Durant (NBA)
Jeff Green (NBA)
Mike Beasley (NBA)
Jeff Green (NBA)
Delonte West (NBA)

Anonymous said...

Kevin Durant, here is link:


Mark "Om" Steven said...

Thanks for the updates, friends.

Making the additions today.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact Rasheed Wallace (nba)is a skins fan since he was at the skins vs.eagles game in philly with his gear on and his entourage.

Unknown said...

Anthony Anderson is also a skins fan

Sean Guerra said...

Tim Legler seems to confirm his Fandom on Sportscenter today after Mangini finished predicting a Cowboys win, Legler was introduced as an excited Redskins fan before Leggs started on his basketball rant

samie said...

Sandra bullock is confirmed........ she grew up in Virginia and is a diehard Redskins fan!

Anonymous said...

The Madden brothers (good Charlotte) are skins fans.

Anonymous said...

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