January 26, 2010

Redskins Jerseys: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know (and more)

The Daily Redskin 1.26.10

... much more.

I’ll deny it of course, should push come to shove, but having immersed myself in this paean to the Washington Redskins jersey, I am moved to suggest that it is possible there is a fellow human being sharing the Earth even more obsessed with said professional American football team than I.

Don't know any other way to say it, Mark ...


I was going to cut and paste some of the post here, but trying to decide which part(s) to include was kind of like ... oh, being asked in front of a room full of people to name the one quality of your significant other that is your favorite. You could, if you had to, but you know no matter what you say you're going to be talking about all the things you chose not to name later.

Just the way the world is.

So here's the whole shootin' match.

Bring a lunch.


I do really like this pic and nugget, though ...

Art Monk was not pleased with the idea of having to wear an NFL shield. He considered himself as working for the Redskins, not the league. So he systematically removed the NFL shield from his game jerseys. The league, apparently, never noticed, and he was never disciplined. He played in the Superbowl that season without the NFL shield.

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