December 14, 2008

"God help me, I do love it so."

Meanwhile, back in the Redskins 2008 season ... 

Will Head Coach Jim Zorn--who woke up this week somewhere between Honeymoon and Seven-Year Itch--rally the troops and extend the realistically competitive portion of his rookie season one more week?

Will QB Jason Campbell--who woke up this week walking the fine line between Future Franchise QB and Latest Pretender to the Throne--light up the Bengals and earn the luxury of not looking over his shoulder one more week?

Will mercurial RB Clinton Portis--a strange brew of Leather-Helmet Throwback and Post-Modern Diva--be on sportsradio next week bragging on his teammates for "diggin' down and doin' it" ... or throwing them under the bus?

Will the Redskins' offensive line ... oh, never mind.

Will defensive coordinator Greg Blache scheme and will his defense to another dominant 50-minute performance ... or throw another Greg Maddux-like, how-does-he-do-it complete game gem?

Will Redskins Nation--fiercely loyal and wildly reactionary in an instant--spend the next week breaking down playoff scenarios ... or just breaking down?

Beats the hell out of me.  But I'll be there, edge of my seat, heart thumping, drinking deep every wonderful, torturous moment.

General Patton understood.

"I love it. God help me, I do love it so." 


Big Redskin Daddy said...

Drinking deep, or just drinking, brother? :) Let's hope it's the former. The latter would mean very bad things are happening for our boys. Cheers.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

Drinking deep before, just drinking after. Amount to be determined by outcome.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

* hic *

Anonymous said...

Given that the season is done, how do we evoke change moving forward (short of giving up season tickets and or booing your home team the entire final game)?

What change am I talking about? Personally, I think we need to limit the owner's influence on the team (to the extent possible) this includes getting him out of the draft room, and removing his pal Vinny Cerrato. We also need a GM. We also need better scouting (or to listen to the ones we have).

I know others agree, but how can we get the powers that be to notice? Again, I'm not suggesting booing, but there should certainly be a COORDINATED EFFORT to voice our displeasure. Maybe everyone should wear black (signifying both the death of the season and hopefully the figurative death of cerrato- chanting fire vinny wouldn't be bad either). Ideas?

We've been watching this same show since 1999, the ending sucks.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

I'm not an activist, Anon. Can't really imagine becoming one over a football team. But if you feel strongly enough about it, I'll certainly follow *your* efforts--even write about them if you'd like.

Not trying to be flip here. I'm just not a believer that fans have any real influence over their teams. The NFL provides an entertainment service we can either consume or not. And we decide if and when we've had enough. Maybe I've got a masochistic side, but I'm not ready to turn away just yet.

These last few years ain't been easy though.