December 8, 2008

T. Suggs: "You've got a mistake."

Just a quickie I can't let go without mention. I mean, why not--we're all big boys and girls here.

Regarding the accumulating stream of injuries that finally flooded its banks and became a rampaging river last night in Baltimore, as both starting offensive tackles, Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen, went down to injury and the Redskins were left scrambling for warm bodies ...

It’s so bad that even the opposition feels obligated to weigh in. After blowing past offensive lineman Justin Geisinger, who was in the game after Samuels’ injury, Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs crushed Campbell for a 12-yard loss and then turned to the Redskins sideline with some words for the coaching staff.

“I actually pointed at Jim Zorn and said, ‘You can’t do this, you’re going to get your quarterback hurt,’” Suggs told Jason la Canfora of the Washington Post after the game. “I was like, ‘I don’t think this guy is supposed to be here. You’ve got a mistake.’"

[From the one and only Brian Murphy at Homer McFanboy]

I'll say it again. Ouch.

Coach Zorn has a job to do this week, making sure the whispers don't start in his own locker room.


The rest of the story:

Finally checked out the Redskins Insider entry that was the basis for the above. Fairness to all parties concerned dictates that the rest of Suggs' quote be appended:

Suggs praised Geisinger for surviving the mismatch. "He did good," Suggs said. "I only got one sack on him. He did a good job for what he was. As a center he shouldn't have to play tackle."

Fair enough.

Doesn't change the Truth underpinning the reason for the post, however. That the Redskins' were without game- or even position-ready options to man a spot as crucial as left tackle, stands as further evidence of their inadequate attention to the bedrock of any professional football team--the line of srimmage.

Overstating the case? I don't think so.

Some drums need beating.


Anonymous said...

While I whole heartedly agree that the Skins have ignored the line of scrimmage too long, I can't get to worked up over this one case. How many teams carry 2 backup guys on the gameday roster that OT position ready?

I am guessing most teams to something similar to what the Skins did in Baltimore and carry 2 guys in backup roles on the active roster, one for the T positions and one for the interior positions. I need to research this and see what is what I guess.

Granted, I would have moved Heyer to the left side when Samuels came out and put Geisinger in the RT position so at least Jason had a natural T on his blind side.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

The part I'm questionning is that after Samuels and Jansen, the Redskins had only one guy on the roster even marginally prepared to play tackle in Heyer. And Stephon--an undrafted FA with mixed success in his limited time--is far from a sure thing.

If you're a supposed playoff contender heading into a defining December game, and the #2 reserve OT on your team is Justin Geisinger--a 2005 6th-round draft pick C/G, already on his third team and who has never started an NFL game--it just seems to me that somewhere along the way something went seriously wrong.

It just underscores for me how empty the Big Ugly cupboard really is.

Anonymous said...

Alright. I see where you are coming from. Put that way, I don't think we have real #2 reserve T on this team either.

Fabini was a T but at this point in his career makes a better G (I think). Rinehart was drafted with the idea of making him a G even though he was a T in college and from his preseason performance I can see why. Same goes for Geisinger who has not played T since college either.

We have better options than Geisinger if they are active but that is not saying much which is what you meant.

My apologies...I seem really good at obfuscating your point these days and that is not my intention.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

Apology? No way. I should be thanking you for reading, taking the time to comment and making me flesh out my often cryptic statements.

So thank you. :)