April 28, 2010


Like Robert Palmer said, some things are simply irresistible.

The official Dallas Cowboys site has a nice synopsis page on all their 2010 draft picks ... with a link under each name labeled "Call." I had never seen that before and found myself wondering what it stood for.

Video of Commissioner Goodell announcing the pick?

A misspelling of "Coll" and link to each picks' alma mater site?

The truth was so much better. "Call" is a link to an audio recording of General Manager Owner Jerry Jones telephoning each draft pick to let them know the Cowboys were about to hand up an index card with their name on it.

Which I thought was funny enough. One thing I'll say for Jerry, the man ain't shy about putting himself out there.

It got better.

You know I had to ... I listened to the first one; the call to first round selection WR Dez Bryant out of Oklahoma State.

Hey, Bryant may end up going to the Hall of Fame. This isn't about that. This is about history, that singular Golden Moment, etched forever in silver and blue lore, when he first became a Dallas Cowboy.

When you listen you may understand not only why I could not resist posting this, but am still laughing hard enough to make it difficult.


Thanks for brightening my day, Mr. Jones.


Anonymous said...

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I'm assuming comments are moderated so when I click submit this post won't automatically appear on site, if it does, I again apologize.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

No worries, friend. I will be in touch ...