October 27, 2009

Eagles vs Redskins: Random Reactions

Eagles 27
Redskins 17


Some day-after reaction, shotgun-style:


Can I get you all to raise your right hands for a second?


Everyone who reacted to Eagles WR DeSean Jackson's 67-yard end-around TD romp up the left sideline less than two minutes into the game last night by turning to whoever you were watching with and saying, "Game" ... please put your hands down.

Okay, now those of you who turned to whoever you were watching with when QB Jason Campbell's deflected pass/INT went the other way for an Eagle touchdown to put the Redskins down 14-0 before the end of the first quarter, please put your hands down.


Due respect, some of you with your hands in the air aren't being honest.


Each and every time I see WR Antwaan Randle El go back to field a punt these days (muff or no muff), as another season slips away, and WR Santana Moss, CB DeAngelo Hall and even WR Devin Thomas stand idly on the sidelines, I get more irritated.


With an understanding nod to Redskins Official Blogger Matt Terl—having written for Redskins.com for three seasons myself, I am well acquainted with the fine line he has to walk—no, the playcalling thing with Sherman Lewis was not a debacle.  Unfortunately, that’s rather like pointing out that the trees in the Fire Swamp are really quite lovely.

Here’s to the day Redskins fans can once again celebrate something good happening ... not just failing to be as godawful as it might have.


So I'm trying to figure out how to spell the admittedly derisive, disgusted involuntary snort/guffaw I seem to be making more and more often during games these days. The one I made—suspecting I'm not alone here—last night when the Redskins botched the fricken SNAP on fourth-and-goal.

Here's the best I've come up with so far:


Meh. Not satisfying in print.


No, the defense is/was not the problem. That said, unless I've overlooked something the last defensive touchdown scored by the Washington Redskins came back in the late Cretaceous. In Game 4 of the last season of Gibbs II, Oct. 7, 2007, CB Carlos Rogers (oh irony) returned an interception 61-yards with less than a minute left in the game to put the exclamation point on a 34-3 romp over the hapless Detroit Lions at a rocking FedEx Field.

For those keeping score, that was 2161 game minutes, or 36 games ago.

As to the last meaningful defensive touchdown—one that made a difference in the outcome of a game—I have not completed my research yet. Meanwhile, if anyone has that information at hand, please feel free to share.


S LaRon Landry must suck at pool.


It's pretty clear where the problem areas lie, be it reflected in the latest unsurprising loss or the general direction of the organization at large. 

In no particular order ... neglected for a decade, the offensive line was/is a predictable failure, the game moved/moves too fast for the erstwhile Franchise Quarterback, the Official Brain Trust has been/remains in over its collective head and ... oh never mind.


Nine to go.

Strength, my friends. There will come a day.


Anonymous said...

"S LaRon Landry must suck at pool."

Very nice.

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