March 26, 2009

Om Field Update

Continuing its tireless quest for world domination (or becoming a successful blog, whichever comes first), The Om Field has broadened its horizons this week by joining Sports Blog Net.

I do a lot of scouting around the web these days for widgets, gadgets and new networks I think might "fit" what I am trying to build, and most simply do not feel right.  Once in a while, though, something does.  I was drawn to SBN's crisp look, intuitive interface and professional response.  Mostly though, there is just a vibe I found there that speaks to me of coming success ... and I want to be part of that.  

Take a minute to check it out for yourself, particularly if you've ever considered starting your own sports blog.  You might just find yourself diving in.  

Thanks for the indulgence.  Now back to your regularly scheduled burgundy and gold obsession.  



Boone said...

Agreed. Sports Blog Net looks inviting - and 'The Om Field' is a quality addition.


Love what you're doing with the site. There's never been a more eloquent Skins fan, or a more talented Skins blogger.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

Love you too, brother.

But you're still not getting my Guiness. :)