March 30, 2009

Redskins 2009 Preseason Schedule: (Premature) Release

It only lasted a few seconds, but I caught a whiff of football today.

Aug 13 @Baltimore 7:30PM
Aug 20-24 vs.Pittsburgh
Aug 28 vs.New England 8PM
Sept 3-4 @Jacksonville
Funny how the mind works. With the release of the Redskins 2009 preseason schedule, barely a ripple in the vast football ocean, within about in a ten-second span my mind went through a process something like this:

Damn–that’s four tough-ass games.

Let’s see ... three monster defenses, one prime-time date with Tom “Allow Me To Demonstrate How I’m Still Damn Terrific” Brady.

I smell 1-3.

At Baltimore. Better hope Colt (Brennan, for the uninitiate) runs around and makes second-half magic or we may get shut out. Be pretty cool to see Haynesworth get a series though. I just want to hear his name called once. Then get him the hell out of there. The Ravens will want it more though. Show they don’t miss Ryan’s kid. Home crowd. Opener.

Just get out healthy Zorn.

Steelers here, huh? FedEx will be half Pittsburgh fans, half Redskins fan in a foul mood about it. Got Mace? Defending champions and all though—Steelers won’t be up for this one unless they lay an egg in their opener. Stay close, maybe grab an lead early. Maybe Zorn turns Brennan loose against the scrubs with Kelly, Thomas and Davis to play with. Good shot at a W.

For what it’s worth.

The New England Patriots come to FedExField. Cool—might have to go to that one. Hey, we own Brady and Belichick at FedEx. Good news is it’ll be a treat to see the best team of the last decade up close. Bad news is Game 3 is when the generally get some extended playing time, and Brady will be chomping at the bit to show he’s all the way back. Plus his backup—whoever that is—will be all about showing they didn’t screw up letting Cassell go.

Going to be interesting.

At Jacksonville in the finale ... meh. Gregg with three G’s is gone, right? Only thing interesting there will be watching Colt stir things up again, maybe hopefully the new draft picks will get some run. But by then preseason will have gotten really old—it always does—and I’ll be watching with one side of my brain tied behind my back.

Still, looks pretty damn good from here. Looks like football. August 13, you say? Lemme grab my calendar ... June, July ... here we go.

August 13th is a ... Thursday. Huh. Well, Friday’s Casual Day, that works. So let’s see that’s ... 1 day left in March, 30 in April, May has 31, June 30 , July 31 ... and 13 more in August.

* tap, tap ... tap, tap ... click *

One hundred and thirty-six days.



Cardas said...

And we'll lose our minds over the outcomes and "tells" that the 1-3 could represent...all the while never reminding ourselves that by October, we won't even remember the scores.

Love the countdown part at the end :D

Blake said...

Remember Osaka?

Lizkauai said...

Hi Om! Thanks for the Colt quotes... I shared them back on this side of the ocean.

Mark "Om" Steven said...


You bet. No true Redskins fan alive for it will likely *ever* forget Osaka. It's kind of a milepost in recent team history; a milepost covered with obscene graffiti and shot full of holes.

Remember Osaka? I think of it more as a battle cry: Remember Osaka!



Good to hear from you. Starting to look like the QB position is going to be even more of a focus this training camp than last. Colt figures to be right in the middle of all the excitement. Gotta admit, I'm looking forward to watching him play again. Man is fun to watch.