April 27, 2012

RG3 vs Luck Angle I Wish I'd Had the Guts to Post First

Rat farts.

I've been batting around a possible Robert Griffin III vs. Andrew Luck comparison angle for a couple of weeks now, but had yet to think through enough to try to give written form. 

It's a good one too, one of those potential "I called it!" moments one either ends up getting to crow about down the road or, alternatively, cringing from hoping no one remembers.

Wish I'd pulled the trigger.

I stumbled across this column by Chris Baldwin today. Baldwin claims it, nails it, owns it and punctuates it in a way that needs no elucidation.  He does to this concept what Heinlein did to any storyline he decided to explore.

So much for my future act-like-you-been-there moment of confirmation.

The article speaks more than clearly enough for itself, so you don't need me to add anything ... but for those not inclined to click links, it boils down to this:

The problem is the Colts picked a Sam Perkins with an MJ on the board.

So on the off chance the Redskins charismatic new quarterback becomes an NFL legend, helping the Washington Redskins carve new championship notches on their belts and becoming a cultural and international icon, I hereby humbly claim the right to point back to April 27, 2012, and, if not go all Tarzan about it, at least say:

Thanks for understanding, Chris.



Anonymous said...

Big ups on the Heinlein reference. :-D

finch said...

Good to see you posting again, and thanks for the Chris Baldwin link.
I'm totally biased but I have a feeling that, barring some serious injury or catastrophic fame-induced mental breakdown, he's right on the money and beat you to it!

Mark "Om" Steven said...

Thanks for the feedback, gents.

No doubt, RG3 has thoroughly energized the Redskins universe by simply showing up. Imagine how much fun this is going to be if it turns out the man can actually play.

Here's to enjoying the ride.