October 8, 2010

Synaptic Shotgun 10.8.10 - TGIFBARG

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Remember the offseason? Remember how looooong it was?

Me too.

Thank god it's Friday before a Redskins game.

● I will keep beating this drum 'til there's reason to stop. Through four weeks the Redskins have yet to show they are capable of sound halftime adjustments. Whatever the cause, be it schematic, age or something else entirely, they have become a lesser team the longer the game progresses.

Four weeks is long enough to constitute a pattern.

Heading into Sunday's game against Green Bay, I fully expect the Redskins to be competitive on both sides of the ball in the first half. Maybe even a little better than that. It's what happens after that, when the Packers have had a chance to make adjustments at the half, that I will worry about until the game is decided.

Heading into the second quarter of the season, this has become my single biggest concern over not just the 2010 team; it has also raised (at this point still whispered) questions in my mind about the ability of this coaching staff to made effective in-game adjustments.

Alarmist? Let's hope so.

● When we last saw rookie LT Trent Williams, the Redskins were 1-0 and tied 27-27 with the Houston Texans with a minute-and-a-half left in game two. Williams was beaten for a sack on Donovan McNabb by Mario Williams and injured on the play.

On the subsequent play, a 3rd-and-20, his replacement, Stephon Heyer, was called for holding, negating a huge apparent 22-yard completion from McNabb to Santana Moss.

The offensive line has been surviving Williams' absence ever since, but not much more than that. Word is he's back on Sunday. If he plays at or near the level he was playing before the injury, it should mean only good things for a Redskins offense still trying to find its way (in the second half anyway).

● So...here we are at the 2010 season quarter pole. Let's check the standings:

What is this...a playoff race or something?

Go Texans.
Go 49ers.
Go Titans.

● Cannot let the moment pass. With the announcement that RB Clinton Portis will miss at least 4-6 games due to his latest injury comes the cold hard realization that we have

1) almost certainly seen his last start in a Redskins uniform, and
 2) quite possibly seen his last carry.

Say what you will about the second all-time rusher in team history, the man has carved himself a niche in Redskins lore forever.

A sincere tip of the cap, CP. It's been one helluva run.

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