September 13, 2010

Gift Horse My Ass: Redskins Beat Cowboys, 13-7

Yeah, I went there.

I'm hearing more than a few "yeah but's" today. Can't say I'm surprised to hear them from Cowboy backers--it's what fans of the losing team do. I am a little surprised to hear it from Redskins fans.

I'm talking about the line of thinking that, yeah, technically the Redskins won, but it was more a matter of the Cowboys losing.

As if only Dallas made mistakes.

As if Tashard Choice voluntarily surrended the ball.

As if the Redskins didn't drop three or four routine catches, every one crucial to the flow of play, at least two which would have ended it outright.

As if the Redskins didn't gift the Cowboys three points with a muffed snap/hold on a routine chip-shot field goal after taking the three they had already earned off the board.

As if the Redskins didn't generously commit a motion penalty on a third-and-two with two minutes left that, if converted, would effectively have ended the game. This after clicking off runs of eight, ten, eighteen and seven leading up to it against a clearly finished Dallas defense.

Don't get me wrong. The Cowboys screwed up plenty last night. But they had plenty of help doing it. And the upstart (4-12 last year, if memory serves?) Redskins were pretty generous in helping keeping the Cowboys in the game to the bitter end.

No sir. Dallas didn't lose this one. Washington won it.

Argue otherwise if you must, but in your heart of hearts you know you're wrong.

So there.

Washington Redskins 13
Dallas Cowboys 7

More later...synaptic shogtun-style.


brizcariz said...

you forgot about rogers "gifting" them another shoulda-been-interception at the end.

totally agree with you. it was an NFC East slugfest and we came out with more points, which is, remember, the point of the game.

Unknown said...

Add L. Landry to that list of missed ints on the SAME DRIVE. 'Skins left plays out there too. They outplayed and outcoached the 'Pukes.

Mark "Om" Steven said...

Absolutely, gents. I was including the Rogers muffed INT in the "dropped passes" reference. Hell,the way Romo lobbed the thing up there to him, it was like he was begging 'los to catch it.

As if.