July 3, 2010

Brett Favre and Jason Campbell!

PFT is doing what it does best this morning--circulating rumors and framing non-stories as stories.

The latest ...


(The all-caps is theirs, not mine.)

Which of course, if your brain is off, connotes a story.

Wow ... Favre must be coming back!

Whoa ... Jason Campbell's going to kick ass in Oakland (now that he's escaped Washington)!

Or it could just be they're from the same neck of the woods and have known one another since Campbell's senior year in high school.

ASHBURN, Va. — Brett Favre and Jason Campbell grew up 100 miles apart in rural Mississippi. The combined population of their hometowns - Kiln and Taylorsville - is less than 4,000. 
"You have nothing else to do but sit outside and throw footballs at trees," Campbell said Wednesday. "That's how you work on your accuracy. Knock some bark off a tree."

Small-town people not only have their own set of jokes, they are also quite neighborly. So during the offseason Campbell figured he would pay a visit to the Green Bay Packers legend, who now lives in Hattiesburg. The Washington Redskins quarterback walked up - unannounced - to the call box outside Favre's gated home.

No answer. Campbell waited five minutes and went away.

"I didn't want a helicopter to come by," Campbell said.

Told on Wednesday that Campbell had come calling, Favre seemed bemused.

"I didn't know he came by," Favre said. "What did he say he was coming by for?"

Why, to say hello and catch up on old times, of course.

Being a quarterback from the Magnolia State, Campbell has been a Favre fan practically since birth. Campbell was a rising senior in high school when he met Favre for the first time, when they happened to share the same trainer...
Okay, so I'm being snarky.  Might as well go with it.

I have to admit that my first reaction wasn't particularly flattering to either quarterback:

"Bet Jason throws a few more red zone INT's this year."

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