September 9, 2009

Still Breathing

To those who may have noticed the recent silence ... you aren't rid of me yet; I have been attending to personal matters. Thank you for your continued patronage (an awful, stuffy word) and patience. I will be back as soon as time and circumstance permit.

Cheers, and Hail.


T-Hop said...

Hey Om, I just wanted to say I love your Blog I read it quite often. Me and you are fellow Warpathers also. My user name is tdskins1. I obviously share the same passion as you for the Redskins and I actually just started a blog. The website link is I'd really like to hear what you have to think about it, and also if you maybe could give me some advice to make it better. I also was wondering if you'd maybe post a link of my blog on your website? Thanks a lot hope to hear from ya soon.

Muhammed Uluel said...

Greeat reading