September 28, 2008

Game Day: Word to the Wise

Dear Dallas Cowboys,

About your encounter this afternoon with the Washington Redskins, two words:

Start fast.

Get out of the gate strong, ride the manic early crowd energy in that sterile Stadium of yours while the liquid tailgate cheer is still fresh, and take control. Because if you don't, and instead find yourselves heading into the 4th quarter with the visiting underdogs having matched your intensity, and answered your physicality, and it comes down to an actual football game ... all the love you have been receiving all year is going to start working against you. Restless crowd, tiniest unspoken but insidious seeds of doubt on the bench, emboldened and energized underdog arch-rival by all accounts NOT in awe of or cowering in fear from The Wonder That Is America's Team ...

Well, like I said. Do yourselves a favor.

Knock the Redskins out early.



PS. Washington 26, Dallas 24. And it was nowhere near that close.

I tried to tell you, Big D. I really did. But you wouldn't listen.

Deepest Sympathies.


Kelly said...

Keep up the great posts, it is a pleasure to subscribe to your blog.


Lizkauai said...

Way to go, 'Skins!!!
Great Game!!!

Way to call it, OM!!!

Mark "Om" Steven said...

Grazi. It's a great day to be a burgundy and gold addict.

Thanks for grabbing a minute to enjoy it with me.

TANGLER said...

Fair warning, they didn't listen :)

Angel17 said...

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