August 6, 2008

Don't Tell PETA

Apologies for the blogus interruptus.

Hoped to have a piece up by last night, but Life had other ideas. Still trying to figure out how my blogocolleagues manage to be as timely and prolific as some of them are.

So to both of you reading, I promise I'll try to get the hang of this.

I have been thinking about what I want to say, at least. Even have a rough draft mostly done. And I dare say it differs diametrically from just about everything I’ve seen and heard elsewhere.

From what I gather, Redskins Nation seems pretty damn pleased with what Washington did against the Colts … i.e., not falling flat on their faces, not looking like you might expect a team debuting as fundamental a change as are the Gibbs-to-Zorn Redskins, and beyond that, doing some of things they actually did.

Not me, brother. I’m sacrificing live chickens.

Please check back in the next day or so when I’ve wrestled Life to the ground long enough to polish my reasoning why for public consumption.

Meanwhile, if you’re a true Redskins fan … take one.

Use it.

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